Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beginner Fabric Applique

Don't you just love spring!
 I do.. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons!
 Every Season I try to make my daughter a couple of mommy made outfits. She is always proud to sport her custom clothing. I buy my patterns and fabric from Etsy. I always try to support handmade and small businesses as much as possible. The pattern used for the skirt here is from lateedakids . I did modify the bottom tier and shortened a couple of inches off. OKAY the TRUTH..Actually, I did not buy enough fabric so I had to improvise.. oops! I 
The Flower I made from the Tutorial over at Pink Stitches.
Today I'm going to show you how I made the shirt!
Supplies Needed:
Wonder Under
Ink Pen
Sewing Machine {you could simply do this by hand too!}
Shirt to put applique on

Make a pattern just to get a general size for you umbrella to make a pattern for the Applique.
Cut out you Pattern, Fabric, and Wonder Under
Iron your Wonder Under to the back of your fabric. Rough side of Wonder Under touching ugly side the fabric per package direction.
After you Iron your Wonder Under to the back of fabric, cut out your image on your fabric using your pattern you made earlier as a guide.
Remove the paper backing from your Wonder Under
Place your applique where you want it to go permanently on your fabric. Once the hot Iron touches the applique there is no going back. Iron your design to you shirt.

Now to sew. Do a small zig zag stich around the edge to prevent fraying.. With your stitch catching both the Applique and your shirt. Be sure to back stitch neatly at the beginning and end of your applique. If you want a shabby look then do a straight stitch and leave the edges out to fray. When you get to the corners leave your needle in the fabric and turn. This will keep your stitches straight and your fabric from slipping.

Repeat sewing and TA-DA! Love this outfit and so does Bre! 

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