Sunday, May 15, 2011

Growing Up Corado-Jimmy's Birthday

Growing Up Corado
A few weeks back I asked you all what you thought about adding a personal blog day here to Running With Glitter. The comments said yes you would love to look inside my world. So, I'll be adding a Growing Up Corado {Corado is my last name} Post every Sunday. It may not always be exciting but it is my life and I love it! 

This Week we celebrated my husband Jimmy's birthday. I love this man with all of my all. He's an amazing dad, handsome, super funny and a nerd! All the things I love in a man. His status on Facebook for his birthday was that he Just turned 12... If you count prime numbers only. He cracks me up everyday.
He decided for his birthday that instead of going out with his friends that he wanted to spend the day with his family at Woodward Park. Its a very enchanting park in Mid-Town Tulsa. The park's beauty changes magically with the seasons.It is one of my favorite places in the world. There is no place like home!
The fun thing about this time of year at Woodward is Mr. Squirrel is hungry and friendly. Armed with a few bags of peanuts and picnic basket we had a wonderful day. 
Here is our day in pictures...

My Niece and my littles feeding the squirrels. 

How cool is it that they literally eat right out of your hand!

This little squirrel bites but he still is cute!

Nom, Nom, Nom

And the perfect ending to a relaxing day at the park... a fake nap in the shade :)

Happy Birthday Jimmy!
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