Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Changing looks...

Just a little side note:

This Glitter blog will be under a bit of construction. I need to do a litlle blog updating!...
I loved the old look but It's not spring anymore and it's time to find my own identity :) 
So if things don't look exactly right/wonky here over the next couple of weeks it's because the "Glitter Look" is changing. Any ideas or suggestions?I know that I want a fun clean look.
 There are soooo many choices out there! 

I found the Perfect blog design.. I'm working with the designer and so excited for the change.
It is exactly what I want! Next week the Glitter Blog will have a fresh new look! Squeal!
Thank you everyone for your suggestions and ideas!

The blog update is complete! I'm in LOVE!!!! Thank you Dreamlike Magic Design. She really worked with me to get things just how I wanted them! I highly suggest them and will for sure be using her for more things!

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