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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How "Not" to Make Ice-cream Cone Cupcakes

 Today I'm going to show you how Not to make Ice cream cone cupcakes. 
I know I have left out several steps but you will get the gist...
 Don't let my intro picture fool you. I'm thankful I took the picture before the real mess started.. 

 I found directions on the back of the Ice Cream Cone Box in our pantry. I have seen these super cute and yummy looking cones all over blog land and wanted to give it a try. I almost made these for my Daughter's Birthday but decided last minute just to order store-made cupcakes. Boy am I glad I did!

 As the directions state, add just 1/4 cup of batter to each cone because if you add more they will overflow.. Well, I did as they said and watched the batter ooze out of the cones for 15 minutes... That was fun!

 Remove from oven, then let cool.
 After frosting, carry your cake platter to its final destination. Unfortunately a few of the cupcakes' final destination was on my floor. The cool thing was when they hit the floor they make the POP! sound that your hear when you open a can of biscuits.. I love that sound. 
Clean up your floor.
 Arrange cupcakes face ugly side to the back so when people walk by they will say "Those look great, you are so clever!" Cover your platter... Uncover your platter and set back up the ones that just fell over.
Quickly Cover your cupcakes again and walk away......... Fun right?
Oh well, we gobbled them down. They tasted YUMMY!

For a REAL tutorial on how to make these.
  House of the Hepworths has a great tutorial!
Click HERE for her tutorial.
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