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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Link Up: Happy Healthy Me!

What is the Happy Healthy Me Linky Project? It's a weekly link party sharing all things healthy and encourage one another to be healthy and happy. Click here to read more.

Last week you ladies shared so many amazing stories. 
I left each of your blogs feeling so inspired! Thank you!
Here is a few stories from last week...

This is Me                           In the Beginning               Happy, Healthy!              Fitness Plan for Anyone! 

This week I made a Grab and Go Snack Stash. It truly cut out all the unhealthy eating when I felt a snack attack coming on! Everything was prepared so it was so simple to just grab and go. I even grabbed the bags of fruit and veggies and tossed them in our lunch pack so I was not temped to eat out. I had to refill the stash in the fridge several times because my kids kept going back to it. I'm going to make one exclusively for my littles tomorrow. This was a win win for all of us in the family. 

Snack container veggies
via: Real Simple
What's in our Snack Attack Stash?
Natural Jiffy Peanut Butter
Cheese Sticks (Colby Jack and String)
Blue Berries
Baby Carrots
Sliced Cucumbers
Lunch Meat Roll Ups {wrap your lunch meat around a cheese stick}
Whole Wheat Crackers

Thank you everyone for sharing and joining the Happy Healthy Me Project!
Link up your recipes, stories, motivations and all things that encourage happy healthy living 
Get Your Healthy On!
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