Saturday, July 30, 2011

Not So Funny Mustache Shirt

Today I wanted to make something simple, fun and quick. But not just any old thing.. something for my little guy better known as "Bubby".  I adore this image {Funny Mustache} in the Silhouette SD store! So when I spotted it again today, I knew it was perfect for him...or so I thought. I really thought he would think it was so funny. I was excited to debut it to him after nap and snap a few pics of him sporting it happily for the Glitter blog.. Little did I know he would be VERY unamused!! "No Mama, I want monster, dinosaur, truck!" Geesh.. I giggled at his case of after nap grumpies. Then, I roped the shirt on him to snap a pic of him looking halfway happy before it was inevitably wrestled off. Oh well...guess I can't win all the time.  I'll have to sneak the shirt on him some other time and maybe he will warm up to it? If not, I will just upcycle it into a shirt for my hubby..HA!

In case you want to make your own,
I used Silhouette black heat transfer material
and Silhouette image:

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