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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest- Little Bit of Life

Hi there!  My name is Holly and I blog over at Little Bit of Life.  I am so excited that Kelly is letting me share a fun project with y'all today!  We actually did made these shirts a while back and I see them in the laundry almost every week!  My kids love them that much!  I hope you will also!

Thank you again, Kelly and happy crafting to you all!

Last night Kristen and I headed over to a friends house to make tshirts for a concert we are all going to on Sunday night.  By the way, I am super excited about the concert!  I didn't bring a camera.....I know....GASP!  Another friend who is also going needs to know how we made these so I thought I would share with you all!  Now go run and grab a white cotton t shirt, some rubbing alchohol in a spray bottle, some Sharpies, plastic containers and rubber bands!  I'll wait........
We had a lot of Sharpies to work with :)
These are just some of the designs I did on my shirt.  The big rainbowish circle started out as rings with a small heart in the center.  Im telling ya'll this is easy!
We are going to the Winter Jam concert...hence the WJ ;)
Okay so here are the important photos.  They somehow got to the bottom of the post.  I took a container and stretched the area of the shirt over it with a rubber band and added my design.  I then sprayed it with the alchohol.  Sharpies react to the alchohol causing the tye dye effect!  Viola!  The more alchohol the more blurry your drawing will get so if you don't want your words completely blurred spray lightly!
I am going to be doing this project with the other kids tomorrow so I will show ya'll what they came up with then!
As for washing these, I have read several methods online but I am still testing it on scrap t shirts!
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