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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guest-Momma Made it

Hey there! I'm Emilee the Momma at Momma Made It!

I started my blog this past winter as "something to do" and a way to keep track of the things that I make, bake and create. It has become more than a hobby and evolved into my obsession. It drives me to be better, a better baker, a better crafter, even a better Momma! I love creating and seeing what others create! The best part of it is being inspired by other bloggers!

I'm ecstatic to be here today and I'm so excited to share this initial project I made a while back.
Momma Made it!I am an impulsive crafter and I tend to make my creations with what I have on hand so for this one I recycled an old box and used some twine to add texture!

I have always been M... I have been called Miss M or Miss Emmy. I was called Em, Emm, and every other variation you can dream up when your name is Emilee...

But this past year I became MRS. M.
Mrs. Marsh!

It was a great day but I certainly didn't have to change my Initials I was still Emilee M... 

I have been thinking about making something like this since then, and when I started seeing things like this, and this around the blogging world and I thought OK it's my turn, lets see what I can do with this!

And here is what I came up with...

And here is how I did it...

I made a template of my letter on computer paper, I made a few different ones but I like this one the best and thought that it would be easiest to work with.

I traced it out on the inside of an old box, I made 2 of these and then took the "scraps" and used them to give the letter a bit more bulk, I brushed white glue onto to cardboard and sandwiched the "scraps" between the two cutouts, then I weighted it down with a few of my lunch plates...

Then I started to cover it in twine... (I love the texture and look of it as compared to burlap and the moss was just too much for me...)
I hot glued it down on the front and back so that it would lay flat and stay in line... 
I had to cut the twine a few times and start from a new position so that I could cover it without causing bumps and lumps here there and everywhere... (once it was done, I trimmed off the stringy bits and all of the loose ends as well as removing any extra glue that you could plainly see)

and here it is fully covered... 

I thought it was a bit too plain but I didn't want to make it too Holiday-ish and have to make one for every other month/holiday. 

So I made some ribbon flowers, I just folded the ribbon over and put a dot of hot glue in each fold, then I hot glued a button in the center of each. I picked greys and turquoise colors because, well because I like them, and they feel kind of timeless and don't really have a season. All of that done I came out with something that I think is pretty darn good!

What do ya think?

Have you done anything fun with your initials lately?

This is AWESOME!!! I love it! thank you for sharing you talent with Glitter!!!
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