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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Running with Glitter is... RUNNING

On my 35th birthday I decided to CHANGE. I was tired of being tired. Tired of being asked when my baby was due.  Mad at myself for gaining over 50 pounds in two years.  I want to be on this beautiful earth for many more years.. I want to CELEBRATE LIFE. Then something happened. The tomorrow I always say that I will start.. actually came.

One foot in front of the other... I'll run three mail boxes then walk two.... I will run to the light post and walk. That is how this addiction started. What started as cheap exercise and a way to get healthy has become something that I love. Somedays it seem impossible. Somedays it is effortless.

For years I have said this year I will run a 5k. But never in my wildest dreams would this girl be running a Quarter marathon and placing in the top half. For once in a long time I can say I AM PROUD OF MYSELF.

TULSA RUN 10-31-15
RT 66 1/2 Marathon  11-22-15
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