Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial

I am officially hooked on Freezer paper stenciling. It is personal, simple, cute, low cost and makes great unique gifts! I thought I'd teach you how to make the stencils so you can join my craze :)

Supplies Needed:
Freezer Paper- Found by foil and wax paper (Freezer paper is NOT wax paper)
Fabric Paint -or- Acrylic paint mixed with a medium 
Sponge Brush
Cardboard to go inside the shirt so the paint does not bleed thru.
I used my Silhouette SD and downloaded a truck. You can print clip art directly to the freezer paper in your home printer (print on the non-shiny side) and cut to trim out the image.
Freezer paper is way cool. It has 2 sides, a matte side and a shiny side. The shiny side sticks to fabric like a sticker when heat is applied and peels off when done just like a sticker too! 
Place you freezer stencil on the shirt. On a low/medium setting iron the stencil with the shiny side touching the fabric.
See.. It's on like a sticker :)
I always paint in layers so I don't accidentally mix colors. 
Paint a thin layer of paint first. I always do a "dab" rather than a stroke motion with the brush so the paint does not seep under my stencil. Add layers until your happy with the results.

Let dry for 15-20 minutes .
Remove your stencil and touch up any areas that may need it. 
Let dry 2 hours or per your paint directions on the back of the bottle.
Remove protective cardboard from inside.
Heat set your paint by ironing the back of the shirt and then the front. 
The paint should not stick to the iron. 
Let the paint cure for at least 72 hours before you wash it. 

There you go! Simple fun and unique! 
 My son loves trucks and only wants to wear shirts with trucks, tractors... etc. 
Happy Boy=Happy Mama
(I love his goofy new pose)
Let me know if you have any questions and as always I'd love to see your finished pictures and hear your comments!
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