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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chalkboard Personalized Easter Bucket

This tutorial was my first Guest blog I wrote last week for Lolly Jane Boutique . It was so much fun making this for them and today I'm going to share with you how to make these beautiful Chalkboard Personalized Easter Buckets.  The cool thing about these is that they can be used long after easter. Just turn the rabbit side around and place it on a shelf so you can use the chalkboard to label what is inside. I truly love these and think I will make a few more for storage in my daughter's room.

Here is how they are made...

Supplies Needed:
Metal Bucket
Paint Brush
Painters Tape
Mod Podge, Matte
Scrap Book Paper
Fine Sand Paper

I found these metal  buckets at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Most craft stores sell metal buckets unpainted. {If yours is unpainted you can just spray paint it the color of your chioce.}
First you need to prep your bucket for the Chalkboard paint. 
Tape off a rectangle with your painters tape. 
I used the sticker decal that came on the bucket as my guide to tape off the area for the chalk board. 
Lightly sand your area so the paint will adhere . Dust off.
Apply as many coats of the paint as needed to cover the area completely...It took me 5!
Carefully remove painters tape.
Let dry overnight. 
Time to make your Rabbit.
Cut out an oval and a rabbit silhouette. Here is the rabbit silhouette I used. It is a free download.
For the name you can cut it with your die cutter or add letter stickers. 
Start Mod Podging the decal together. Mod Podge rabbit to oval then Mod Podge name to the Rabbit again,  Mod Podge over the entire decal now to seal it all together. 
Then, add a layer of Mod Podge to the bucket. It is okay that the Mod Podge is not perfect. It cleans off easily with a damp rag. {How many times can I say Mod Podge??}
Place your decal on the bucket and smooth it out making sure it totally adheres to the bucket bubble free. Clean off any mess that is on the bucket. Let dry a few hours.

TA-DA!!!!!! WOW these turned out GORGEOUS! 
Get ready for a TON of compliments on your bucket!
{Your little one can personalize the 
other side of the bucket..} 
Happy Easter!

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