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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Blogger - Till Death Do Us Part

Hello!  I'm Kelly from Till Death Do Us Part
I'm a newlywed in Mississippi who is about to celebrate her first anniversary.  My blog showcases my adventures in crafting, gardening, decorating, cooking, and living life with my husband and our dog and two cats.  I host giveaways as well!  I love to be creative in every aspect of life, and I also have an Etsy shop, Cotton Breeze, where I peddle my little projects!
Many thanks to Running with Glitter for allowing me to be her guest blogger today!
Today's tutorial is for a chicken wire inital plaque.
I love plaques, and I love monograms, and I love chicken wire (and not just because I grew up on a farm where it was used regularly)!
This little plaque was created using a board I cut down to a size I liked.  I sanded it well, and then coated it several times in a bright blue acrylic paint (I knew that it would later be dulled by the glaze, so that's why I like to start out with a really bright color on projects like this).
I then got out my Valspar antiquing glaze (I can't stop using it.  I just used it yesterday on my coffee table) and gave the whole piece a light wash.  The B was made with a stencil. I just invested in a set of letters, as hand-painting them takes a while, let me tell you!  Then I used wire cutters to cut a small section of chicken wire, which I bent and folded around the plaque and fastened to the back with wood joiners (althrough I'm sure you could use carpentry tacs).  The last step is hanging with a black satin ribbon.
I love how it turned out, althought I must say, getting chicken wire to cooperate isn't entirely simple. Or painless.
Perfect in my blue kitchen!
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I'd love if you visited my blog and became a follower!  I'd love to meet you!

Thank you for sharing such a great tutorial! You have such a fun creative blog!
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