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Friday, July 22, 2011

Babalisme-Free Matryoshka Doll Party Printable

I have the honor of hosting Ning from Babalisme today. She is a super talented and super generous. Her free printable's are beautifully illustrated. I wish I had just an ounce of her talent. She is here today to share Part 5 of her Matryoshka Party kit. 
(it is exclusive to Running With Glitter YAY!)
Welcome Ning!

Hello Running with Glitters readers, babalismeIt's my first time guest blogging here, so I'd like to introduce myself. Am I sounding too formal by now? Oh, OK. Where was I? Right, I'm Ning (Babalisme blog). I'm a mother of one little girl and mostly I am either in front of the computer doing freelance design job (and blogging and procrastinating) or playing and                 napping with my 3 year old. I'm from Indonesia, where it rains all season. 

I'm here to share one of my Matryoshka Party Kit series, yes it's a free download printable, everyone, and today is the "Thank you Tags". Feel free to use these!

The direction is simple : download, print, cut. The tag is in Matryoshka shape and I think it's easy for even children to cut along, just be carfeul with the scissors. The tags can be use to thank someone (first doll from the left) and make sure you write something personal too, your children's school tag (middle doll) with their names and details, perfect for back to school season, and the last one is an all occasion tag, I simply made the matryoshka's belly blank so you can write anything there. You might also want to poke a little hole into the matryoshka's head if you want to hang it. 
Get the full kit!If you're setting up a matryoshka themed party don't forget to 

grab all previous party kits (HERE
We've got banners, straw label, cupcake topper, invitation 
and paper plates! Don't miss them out! 

Well now, before goodbye-ing, I'd like to thank Kelly for having me here and if you're all have had fun crafting/partying, please share with us some pics!

Thank you for Sharing today! I'm really excited to use these!
 Also you don't want to miss out on her other amazing paper printable's and crafts!
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