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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Link up: Happy Healthy Me!

What is the Happy Healthy Me Linky Project?
(a really cool blog too)
It is a weekly linky challenge to live a happier healthier life. A place where we can all share our stories, recipes and help support each other in our journey. I recently lost 95 pounds {you can read my story here} and have gained back almost 20. I fell back into old habits and need to make a forever lifestyle change. Together we can be an amazing support system for one another. Even if you don't have a single pound to lose, maybe you could share advice or a recipe. It is proven there is power in numbers!

I hope that you will share your stories and inspire one another. Please use Running With Glitter's link party as a gathering place and visit each other's blogs. Weekly, post something healthy on your own blog. Once the party really gets going we can start having monthly giveaways. YAY!

Your Weekly Challenge:
This week set goals and keep a food diary 
(if someone wants to make a Food Diary Printable 
I'll be happy to share it)

My Weekly Goals:
lose 1 1/2 pounds. My overall goal is to lose 20 pounds. 
Take a current Picture
Keep a food journal
Make a week menu plan for myself
Count Calories-goal of 1400
Use the elliptical while watching Big Brother
Have a dance party with my kids-twice!
{Weigh-in 149lbs yep, I gained a pound)

I thought Thursday would be a great day to start the party. I always need the motivation to stay focused thru the weekend. Next week I'll have a fun button to add for your collection :)
Let's get this party started!!!! Link up your stories, favorite fashions, pampering ideas, recipes and motivation!
{Come back Monday's for the crafty, DIY and recipe link party}

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