Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ideas Needed for Threads of Love: Craft Idea Challenge

When asked if I could be like anyone in the world who would it be.... I can answer without even thinking twice my Grandma Sid. She was everything a woman should be...Godly, beautiful, patient, kind, extremely crafty, hardworking, and an amazing wife and cook. {I still dream of her jams and coconut cream pies} Really I could go on and on about her.....

Sadly, my grandmother passed away a few years ago. After she passed I was given a box of things that my father thought I might want... The box included a bible, old thread and a few needles. If I had to be sent away on a deserted island those are the only things I would need to keep sane.. well those things  and cupcakes.... 

This brings me to my need for some help. There are exactly 73 small spools here. I really would love to do something with them. I do not want to paint or alter them in any way.. I'm just totally clueless!? Seriously, I have thought about this for almost 3 years now every time I open the craft closet. 
Does any one have any ideas? 
If anyone of my fellow blogging friends wants to repost this, feel free. I'd love the help to get ideas!
{My Grandmother and me 

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