Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Magic" Jelly Beans

On Easter Eve I saw this post over at Nothing But Country. 
She has some awesome pictures and a free printable for your magic jelly beans. 
I knew that we had to make this an Easter tradition. Basically, you plant "magic"jelly beans and in the morning the lollipops grew from the jelly beans.
 I rushed out to the store and bought up the LAST bag of jelly beans at Wal-Mart and a couple of flower lollipops. If I would have planned it better I would have planted Wheat Grass and made the cute packet for the magic beans. Next year we will... I just made due with what we had on hand.
I love this idea and it was so magical that the magic jelly beans actually grew lollipop flowers.
 My kids talked about it all day!
{It also was so fun to have lollipops before breakfast!}

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