Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Tickets

Positive reinforcement works! 
When my kids start to get a little crazy wild unruly restless we always try to change things up a little. I found these tickets while searching for a new reward system. Happy Tickets!!! GENIUS!
 Quickly, I printed these tickets on linen card stock, cut on the lines, and put in a baggie.  After one day, my daughter is more willing to share with her brother and get things done {she is as slow as molasses} knowing that there may be a ticket involved. Adrian is potty learning, and these make a great potty reward for that too. I love when they do something sweet just to give them a ticket out of the blue. It really makes them and me "Happy".
So, whatever you call it... it works! These little tickets just may have saved my summer sanity?? 

{photo via Ambrosia Girl-Thank You!}
For a free printable download of Happy Tickets from Ambrosia Girl click HERE

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