Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Pinkalicious Party- Invitation

When Mommy asked 
Aubrey Rose what kind of
 5th Birthday Party
 she wanted she exclaimed
 "Pink, Pink, Pink"

My daughter is turning 5 next month. She is in love with the Pinkalicious book series... So a Pinkalicious party she is going to have. I love it that she prefers a book theme over a cartoon theme. We are hosting her party at a local indoor water park located inside a hotel so the decorating in the small banquet room has to be minimal. I'm only allowed to bring in cake and decorating will be limited to a table.{BOO} Over the next month I'll be sharing what I'm doing to prepare for the big day. Today I made her invitations using Picnik {okay more than today like until 2am this morning}. The invites came together simply. It just a took a long while to figure out what I wanted and liked.
I learned how to navigate Picnik  by watching a few tutorials over at I Am Mama Hear Me Roar. There is no way I would have been able to make such fabulous invites without her amazing tutorials!
The Tutorials I used to make my invite:
How to make Free Printables here
How to make an Invite here
I think that the invitations came out PINKTASTIC!
{I realize that the info for the party dates and address is incorrect. I did it intentionally for the blog}

On a personal note:
Some of you know that my daughter Aubrey was born at 26 weeks {1lb 12oz}. She has endured in her 5 years of life more than most of us ever will in a lifetime. She is the happiest and funniest little lady ever! This year has been so awesome for her. She started eating solids, and we have had to rely less and less on using her feeding tube. She has been developing perfectly and made it happily thru Pre-K.We have lots to celebrate. Her birthday is always extra special to us because not only do we celebrate her day of birth we celebrate her as a survivor.

{Parties I'm linked to here}
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