Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Get On the Van! Guest Blogger Sandy Ang

Get ready for some fun! The beautiful and talented Sandy Ang is our Guest Blogger today. 
I totally love this tutorial Sandy made for the Glitter Blog! 
P.S. This would be so so cute made into an ice cream truck and filled with candy!
Hi, this is Sandy Ang from sunny, little Singapore. I’m a crafter who loves card-making, paper construction and creating altered objects. I don't have a fixed style as most of my work is a response to the material I'm working with. But most of my designs feature an interplay of shapes and lines.
Today I'm sharing my Mini-Van Treatboxes tutorial. If you like it, there are more photos on my blog post
Tutorial : I used one piece of 6"x6" paper to make my van which measures 3"x1.5"x1.5". You can adjust the template proportionally if you wish to make a bigger van.

  • Cut out this template from pattern paper. Making two slits on the roof were the red lines are

  • Glue up the two tabs along the front of the van

  • Glue up the two tabs along the back of the van

  • Put your treat inside

  • Going round in a clockwise direction glue up the bottom flaps

  • Here's the van's bottom secured

  • Cut out four 0.75" circles for the wheels. If your treats are heavy, sandwich your wheels between metal washers

  • Embellish the windscreen, bumper, headlights and windows

  • Make a giftcard topper measuring 2.75"x2"

  • Slot into the slits on the roof of the van

  • Thank you Kelly for the chance to share my project on Run With Glitter.
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