Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guest Blogger-Cinsarah

Today, my friend Cindy from Cinsarah is our guest... She is just PHENOMENAL! Fresh to the blogging world, she is already an inspiration to me. She also has a really awesome style. If you're in the market for some bloggy or Etsy premades, she's your girl. You can check out her Etsy shop here. She has $5 banners! WOW!

Hi Running with Glitter Readers! 
I am so Excited to be guest posting today, this is my first guest post ever
and I am so nervous it almost feels like I'm in high school speech class giving
a speech all over again! lol Anywho My name is Cindy... 

and I have a little blog named Cinsarah...

...where I share anything from our home renovation re-decorating process, favorite recipes, free printables and easy DIY sewing and crafting projects I've tried.  
Today I want to share with you how to make a super easy, cute and inexpensive 
flower button bracelet! If you are like me you don't buy yourself expensive jewelry 
and you even think twice about buying a necklace or bracelet that has already been
marked down to like $5. Or maybe I'm just that cheap thrifty but I love coming up with
ways to make my own jewelry using things I already have! 
Wanna make one of these pretties for yourself?

 Well just gather the following supplies...

- soft felt 
- scissors
-thread & needle

I'm gonna break this down to 10 steps but really you could just look 
at the pictures and see what you need to do it's that easy!

Step One: Cut out a rectangle piece of felt where your flowers will go it has to be the same width 
as your ribbon and just cut it as long as you want, mine was about 4 in. long. Also if your ribbon 
isn't pre-cut like mine (got mine from some buckets I had bought at Target's dollar section) go 
ahead and cut it to the length you will need for your wrist. My ribbon is about 14 in. long.
Step Two: is not really a step lol just make sure it's the correct size for your ribbon.
Step Three: Fold your ribbon in half to determine the center of your bracelet.
Step Four: Sew felt piece on to your ribbon (only the sides) don't worry too much about the center right now.
Step Five: Turn your bracelet around and admire! you're half way there! :)
Step Six: Cut out little felt circles for your flowers, I did mine not too perfect because I wanted them to look a little more shabby chic ;)
Step Seven: Find cute buttons for your flowers and place them on top to see if they look good before sewing them on.
Step Eight: Sew on those buttons!
Step Nine: Sew your Flower Buttons on to your Bracelet
Step Ten: You are Done! Admire your beautiful creation! :D

I actually made two of these! :) Aren't they cute? Idk if it's because of the colors but I even think this would make a cute bridal bracelet or maybe even cute gifts for bridesmaids! 
Oh yeah and that is a toilet paper tube! I told ya I was cheap thrifty! :D

Thank you very much Kelly for inviting me to guest post on this awesome blog of yours! 
I would love for you all to visit my blog Cinsarah
Here are a just a couple of the projects I've shared on my blog...

Cindy- How cute and simple! I love it! 
Thank you for being our guest today on the Glitter Blog. 
You were fabulous!

She is giving away one of these lovely bracelets. 
Visit her blog for the Giveaway!

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