Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Etsy Banner Tutorial using Picnik

Today I'm going to show you how to make an Etsy Shop Banner! It was very simple.. I'm so not a tecky person! I hope that my tutorial is easy to understand.  

Alrighty here we go....
Upload any images that you are going to use to Picnik
Now that they are uploaded Open ANY image. {I love this pic of my kiddos} Thats right any image. Your going to cover it up with a sticker :)

Click on the Edit Tab

then the resize tab {make sure you un-click Keep Proportions}
Type in the new dimensions to 760px by 100px (standard Etsy banner sizing)

Click OK

Now your picture is going to look all wonky {fun word right?}
Go to the Create tab
Click on Stickers
(I learned this trick from I Am Mama Hear me Roar... You can see her tutorial here)
Choose Basic shape-rectangle
Stretch the rectangle completely over the whole image
I made mine pink so you could see it better

In the bottom left corner click on Photo Basket. Drag an image that you want to your new header and resize however. You can use photos, clip art or even Picnik stickers. I love all the sticker options!

I want my background to match my deer and bird sticker.. Click on your main rectangle {mine is the pink one}
I clicked on the sticker color then chose the dropper and moved it around on my image until I found the exact color I wanted. click

It is a good Idea to save your banner at this pint before you add text so you don't accidentally move your background stickers around. You will need to re-upload your new image. 

Now To add Text
Go back to the Create Tab and choose Text. Add your text to the text Box and click add

Your font will be white and big so grab the side of the box and resize it and choose your text color like you did your sticker color.  Choose your font and save!

Now you have a fantastic banner ready to be uploaded seamlessly to Etsy. And now that you know the basics have fun with it!  
You can do this basic concept to make your blog banner and all your button images just by resizing to the right demotions and covering with a sticker. 
Here is the image for a sidebar button I made...

Oh! and don't forget to give thanks somewhere where you use the images to the source and let them know that you used it! 
So a Big thank you to Free Pretty Things For You for the beautiful images used in this tutorial and for my Etsy shop. 
To see this live you can go to my empty "someday" Etsy shop here.

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