Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest-Love Notes By Lauryn

running with glitter readers!
i am lauryn from
i am so excited to be here today.
kelly is a doll for having me.
here's a little bit about the girl behind love notes:
i LOVE art.
dance. music. drawing. design. crafts. fashion. beauty
i love it ALL!!

i love designing wedding announcements. 
that's what got this whole thing started.
(hence the LOVE notes)
but then i decided to not only list things to sell, but to share my adventures with you all!
love notes is my little online sanctuary to spread some design LOVE. and i love it. :)
i now focus on selling my stuff at my shop lulu's little loft.
i would love for you to check the blog and/or shop out if you get the chance! 
here is a post i want to share with you that was posted on the love notes blog a little bit ago:

a vinyl calendar, but with no machine!
unfortunately, i do not have a cricut or a silhouette.
as much as i would like one, i am still a fairly newlywed... and have to save my mulah.
but i REALLY wanted a vinyl calendar.
i looked all over, but could never found one i liked.
so i got a 12x12 sheet of vinyl and decided to make one myself.

all i did was divide the glass (i marked with dry erase so it wasn't permanent) into squares
then cut the vinyl sheet into strips. thankfully the back was gridded so it was simple to cut straight.
i wrote the days and month with a permanent marker.
to make the glass stay inside the frame i glued the edges with E600 glue, 
then added a few staples around the edges. worked pretty well!
very easy, and very fun.
i am very happy with it!

hope you enjoyed it!
thanks again, kelly.

i loved being a visitor!
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