Friday, February 11, 2011

A Black Apple doll for my Boy

My sweet little man and his doll. He melts my heart!

A few days ago I made my daughter a Black Apple Doll, and I blogged about her. So, I thought that my son needed one too :) Aren't they the cutest couple! I made his arms a little wider thinking it would look better and his body a rectangle rather than the traditional triangular shape. I really like the original pattern better. Now his hair I do love...with the rooster tail sticking up.  Figuring out how to dress him was tough.. so I did did black knit pants and a bow tie.. My husband says he looks like a little Chippendale Admittedly, I think he looks like a cross between a South Park character and Michael Jackson. Nonetheless he is still cute as a button!
I may make another doll or two for friends but I'm moving along...
I have a wish list of projects lined up! You can see my lists on Pintrest. My lists just keep growing!
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