Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silhouette Tutorial

Putting a new spin on an old school project. 
I remember as a child having a silhouette  hung on the wall that my kindergarten teacher had done of me. Back then you would sit in a chair with a projector casting your shadow on the wall. I know in my head that there was NO way that I could do this with my kids.. First I don't have a projector and second have you ever seen a 2 and 4 year old sit that still?
I loved how these turned out and I know that they will be a family heirloom. I decided to share how I made these with you. Feel free to modify this to your taste. I know that there is ton's of ways to do this but here is my rendition..

Supplies needed:
Black textured card stock
Scrapbook paper to your taste
3D foam stickers

Take a side view picture of your subject. I took about 30 pictures of each child (really..) to get a good side profile photograph. It is better to do this with a white wall as the background. I changed the pictures to back and white and darkened them a bit. I did also flipped my daughters picture so they would be facing each other. It is not necessary I just wanted to do it this way. Just print the photo out to a 5X7 size on regular printer paper.
Here is the scrap book paper I picked out.
I'm using foam sticky dots from Hobby Lobby to give the silhouette a 3D look.
Trim around the edges of your photo but no to close. Tape the to the Black paper. Carefully trim around your edges. I had to redo my daughters but finally figured it out.
Here is what It should look like after you cut it out. I just trimmed the bottom kind of wavy, I was not sure how it would turn out but I was pleased with the end result. 
Place your sticky dots on the back of the cut our silhouette . And simply stick on your scrapbook paper.

I added a rosette and a neckless to Aubrey Roses. I found a cute pack of little Bow ties At Joannas Fabrics for Adrian. They would have been cute with nothing but I went a little crazy decorating.

Find your perfect frame trace and cut out your paper. I thought the oval gave it more of a vintage feel. 
Don't forget to write the age and date on that back of your paper. Time flies!
I'm more than pleased with how these turned out. This is the first thing I have ever made that I would and will proudly hang on my wall.  I'm loving this crafty side of me that is coming out. 

I'm thinking of adding a silhouette of the dogs to the collection.. What do you think?

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