Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Wow, what a crazy weather week here in Oklahoma! We had almost 20 inches of snow in some areas. It has really been a nice change of pace. I loaded up at the grocery store, arm wrestled for my gallon of organic milk and made my way to the craft store so I'm all settled in! 5 more inches are expected Tuesday. Loving our winter wonderland! Most of my neighbors don't have the same postive spin on the snow as I do. To each his own I guess.
Yesterday I went to my lovely mother-in-law's house and we started making our Black Apple Dolls. She is so talented and can make anything fabulous! She is the Glitter Queen! They are coming together adorably and we should have our girlies finished up today. I'm really excited to see her all finished. Because making the Black Apple has been so fun I decided that I'm going to purchase the Wee Wonderfuls Book. The majority of my husband's family lives in Guatemala and when his family here travels home they take gifts for all the children. I think some of the dollies in the Wee Wonderfuls book would make great gifts! I'm going to play pattern tester and hopefully find the one we love to send home. I love to make things but get bored quickly if I'm not doing or learning something new. Most things I make have to be simple and instantly gratifying or they don't get finished. A little ADD possibly? My husband and friends just may have to agree with that last statement :)

I'm really excited about all the projects I have lined up. I'm making a silhouette of my two children. Making hair pretties, working on tutorials and thinking I'm going to try my hand on an upcycle dog sweater for our little puppy Blueberry and our fat wiener dog Lil' Lilly. I always have a little project in my head. Again the possibility of crafters ADD prevents most of those from making it further than the drawing board.

 I'll leave you with a picture of our Handsome puppy Blue enjoying the snow. Is this little guy cute or what!

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