Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Apple Doll

I'm squealing with excitement over here! Okay so I was trying to save sharing this for a few days later so I can space my blog postings out a bit but I just can't help it!!! This also is my Valentine gift to my daughter. Hence the Valentine fabric. Am so happy with how she turned out. It truly surprised me how cute she is.  Aubrey Rose is in love with her and got to pick out all of the details about her. She dug thru my fabric scraps for almost an hour. And was the floor supervisor.  I'd love to share a pic with you of her and the doll but that will have to wait. Both girls are snuggled up in bed together.

Martha Stewart's site has the BEST tutorials. She only selects the best so you know when you are doing a craft from her site it will be cream of the crop. The best thing about this dolly is that the pattern, tutorial and video tutorial are all FREE!!!  It does call for the pattern to be enlarged to 150%, just a FYI. Watching the video first was a huge help to me too.

I could not find a good supply list before making her so here is what I decided on for my doll:
Natural Twill or muslin
Fleece for hair- They called for felt but the fleece is much easier to work with. I found a square by the felt for $.50.
A fat Quarter for her Dress-Or a scrap you may have
Another fat Quarter for her legs if you decide to do it in contrasting fabric.
Disappearing ink pen for face. I have no idea how I ever lived without one of these. I recommend The Dual one by Dritz
Scissors, Needle, thread,  hands or a sewing machine :)

She (I'm calling her "she" because my daughter could not decide on her name) came together quickly and simply.  I learned a little trick to trace my smaller pattern pieces on the fabric. Sew. Then Cut.
Aubrey wanted her doll awake not sleepy like the traditional Black Apple Doll. I Hand embroidered her face. I just think I would have made a mess with paint. If the embroidery was a mess I could just rip it out. (sounds not so nice but still better than scrapping a whole doll) I was pretty proud of myself as this was my first time to do anything like that. This is where the Dritz pen was a MUST for me. I drew her face about 10 times before getting it just right. A little water and tada pen markings are gone!

 She is all ready to be stitched up!

 I added yarn pigtails, flower on her chest and because it is so cold here right now, a crochet scarf (made by my mother-in-law). I really took my time with her. She is a project that could be done in less than an hour from start to finish. It took me 2 days! Next time I will change a few things. Her arms and legs with be a little wider and I'll add about 1/2 inch to her head. I plan on making another in the near future and will do a yarn pigtail and a skirt tutorial for you. I'd love to make the next one really fun with pink or purple hair. And if you did not already hear me toot my own horn thru this posting... I'm way proud of her. Hopefully I'll post a picture with Aubrey Rose and her dolly tomorrow. Maybe she will decide on a name by then too!  HAPPY CRAFTING!

ETA: "She" has a name! Here is pics of Bre and Val (Short for Valentine). I made the skirt for her Valentine day party at school.. But since we are snowed in I think we will miss the party. So cute!

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