Monday, February 28, 2011

Shrinky Dink Dog Tag

As promised yesterday here is the shrink dink dog tag. Blue (Blueberry) really needed a dog tag so this was the perfect useful project. I found this cute tutorial on Martha Stewart.  Surprise!You all know my love affair with Martha.... Anyways,  Here is the link Martha's Pet ID tags She has a great set of pet ID images to download for FREE where all you have to do is type in your info and print.  Easy peasy!
I made my own tag using images and shapes in the Silhouette SD software and bright white inkjet shrinky dink paper. Blue has a grooming appointment tomorrow (his first real hair cut) and I know he will swoon the dames with his new Super Hero tag. Poor little guy can't really see for all the hair in his eyes....

More Shrinky Dink projects to come this week on the glitter blog! 
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