Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shrinky Dink Ring

I must tell you that I'm in LOVE with Shrinky Dinks. Remember as a kid the little coloring sheets that you would color then pop into the oven and shrink down into the cutest little something? I found a fabulous tutorial on Shrinky Dink rings. I'm a bit eclectic so anytime I can make something unique for me that does not look like it came straight from a quilting show I get excited! In looking at all the fun "grown-up" things that can be made with these sheets I have decided to deem this week Shrinky Dink Week on the Glitter blog. My list is long on all the things I want to make so I need more than one post to share!

Here are the rings I was talking about. I made these last night. Truly a blast to make!
The Sewing Machine ring says: Sewing Mends the Soul.
And the Tree ring says: Ecclesiastes 3 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. 
Perfect...except for one smudge. 
You do have to be quick when you shape them and make sure you seal your ink with clear nail polish. I smudged the ink on the sewing machine ring because of wet hands. I did the print on the frosted side using my home printer. The slick side just smudged. Well, I'm off to make Shrinky Dink dog tags.. I'll share with you tomorrow.... 

Here is the Tutorial from Planet June. She did a great job teaching!
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