Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tutorial -Fabric Button Hair Ties

This is one of the simplest and most inexpensive projects to do. I love to make these when I'm feeling like making something but don't want to really spend any time doing something. These are also great to keep the buttons around in case you can't find any hair pretties to match an outfit. I guess you could say these are my craft
These hair ties give the basic tie back life! You can mix and match and even have you daughter join in to help!

Supplies Needed:
Small Fabric Scraps 
Thin Hair Ties
Dritz Cover Button Kit

On the back of the Button Kit there is a Button Pattern. Cut this out.

Fold Fabric in Half. Positioning the pattern where you want and cut.
 You should have a Circle like this. I like to iron mine just to get any folds out. Something I have learned with crafting and sewing is it really is worth the few extra minutes it takes to iron. It gives your project a more finished look and keeps things even. With something this small I can just heat up my Chi flat iron and pull it thru that.

Center you fabric on the white rubber thingy. This was included in your kit. Be sure to keep this because after you buy the kit you can just buy refill buttons. You get like 2 extra buttons that way. Push the center of you fabric down just to make sure everything is even.

Take the rounded metal piece and place on top of the fabric. Make sure that all your fabric is evenly distributed around the disc.
Place the metal piece with the eye on it. Once again make sure things are where you want them because once you push this baby down it is permanent.
Take the Blue piece, place on top and PUSH until you feel a pop.
How absolutely adorable are these!!!!!!!
This is what the finished backs look like.
This is the reason I said to use thin hair ties. The thick ones will not fit in the eye. Work the rubber band thru the hole. You may have to get tweezers to help pull it thru.
Take the long tail and put in the small hoop. This secures the hair tie.
Pull it tight to secure
Now bask in your creative juices! These are so cute!
I made these to match a skirt that I have had cut to make for months! I buy most of my patterns on etsy print them cut my fabric and put in a folder for a rainy day.
This is a reprint of a vintage fabric I found at the local fabric store. I love it!
My daughter was more than excited to wear the fox. She was asking me if I was done yet while I was making these.
Don't forget to check out my tutorial page here for more great projects!
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