Saturday, August 6, 2011

REWIND- Shabby Chic Heart Wreath

This was my very first tutorial. 
I'm just getting back from vacation today and thought it 
would be fun to share an oldie with you all!

I'm going to attempt my first tutorial. This hopefully will be the first of many to come. I have been in search of a heart wreath tutorial for weeks now. I wanted something I could make as a Valentine gift but after the holiday it would still be in season.  I could not find the supplies that I needed. Everything called for a Styrofoam or wooden heart and were just not my style.  So I decided to use my imagination and supplies I had on hand. 

First. I took a wire clothes hanger and bent it into the shape of a heart. I went to the garage and dug thru my husbands tool box, found his wire cutters and snipped off the hook part of the hanger leaving a few of the twists. This took a bit of elbow grease.

In searching for fabric scraps I learned that I'm a Scrooge with my scraps... It took everything I had to try and cut up my favorite fabrics from Heidi Grace bird collection.

Cut your scraps about 2 inches wide by 5 inches long. They do not have to be exact. Some of my scraps were wider, some shorter. I think the variation gives it more life. I had to add fabric (which means I had to add more of my lovely scraps) as the wreath progressed, I misjudged how much fabric this beauty would actually take. I would guess it took almost if not a full yard.

Start by covering up your twisted part of the wire with the first knot. I then tied a double knot around the wire just to secure it a bit more.

Just a tip for your fabric so you don't have you reverse side showing a bunch. Fold/roll it up then tie.

Knot away...... Tie, tie and tie some more.
Grab a cup of Joe because this is going to take a while.

Bunch it up tight all together and keep knotting until it is so full you can't really add anymore. If you don't fill it up tight it will look thin and non-fluffy. See how it is coming together? Pretty cute huh?

Trim your fabric to shape.

I like to add a little more of a shabby look to it.  I take my hand and rub the fabric around the heart. This gives the ends of the fabric a frayed look.

I added a fabric flower I made but you could add a wooden heart, a bird or whatever fancies your fancy!
For the finishing touch, take some ribbon. Knot evenly on each side and hang. I only had skinny ribbon but would have preferred wide ribbon. When we get out and about I think I'll make a trip to Hobby Lobby and buy some for replacement. I need to buy some felt for my Black Apple Doll project anyways.

There you have it...a totally unique shabby chic gift or wreath for yourself. This one is going to my daughter's teacher for a Valentine gift.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. If you would, please leave me a comment of what you think. 
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