Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Make a Grab My Button Box

I am exhausted and bored after trying to figure out how to make a little grab button! Determined to figure out this little gadget. And by no means tech savvy just one of those people who will keep trying until I figure something out. Some may call it a little neurotic :)  After doing a hand full of frustrating tutorials on this FINALLY! Manic Mother was my saving grace. She put together a simple well written blog post on how to make the "grab my button" box. I thought I would share this with you just incase you would like to make one the simple way too.
How to Make a Grab My Button box

For the Clip art I used Tack-O-Rama, saved to my photo to flickr in iphoto then used Picnik {this is flikr's editing software. You do not have to have iphoto or flikr. It is a free download} to add text and generate a HTML code.

Here is my button.. Pretty cool tutorial...It saved my sanity THANK YOU!
CM Capture 1

CM Capture 1"/>
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