Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stenciled Glitter St. Patrick's Day Shirt Tutorial

 Who loves crafting and glitter more than me.....? My four year old daughter, Aubrey Rose! I love it when I do projects that she can join in on the majority of the fun. It makes her feel so proud. Me too...melts my heart.
This is just a mini tutorial with just adding a couple steps from the Freezer Paper Stencil tutorial I did. Then GLITTER to your heart's content.

After you make your stencil, {I cut my stencil with my Silhouette SD cutter} iron it on, then paint your shirt with a light base coat.  I always use a light base coat of paint before I add my glitter. This is not mandatory but it does help the words to show up better.
Make sure and use fabric glitter. It is non-toxic,very fine, heat resistant, so it will not melt like some non-fabric glitters will. You will also need some fabric glitter glue too. A little of that stuff goes a long way. I bought both the glitter and glue at Hobby Lobby by the fabric paints. Please note that the Tulip brand glue does include the applicator shown in my picture. 

 Smear a medium coat of fabric glue over your shirt. Then shake on  a HEAVY coat of glitter. We glittered the shamrock green then painted the lettering white. 
 Do not shake the glitter off the shirt until it is dry. If you do this while it is wet, your glitter will not be nice and thick and you may pull off part of it when you take your stencil off.
After about an hour carefully remove the stencil pulling slowly. Shake the glitter off your shirt and.... TADA!!

She LOVES her new shirt! 
We are going to watch Tangled 3D at the $1.00 movies today. 
She already has her new shirt on ready to go!

{I link Party HERE}
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