Saturday, May 28, 2011

Growing Up Corado-School's out

Growing Up Corado
{my personal blog day}

School's out for the summer! Where has this school year gone?
 My baby is going from 1/2 day Pre-K to full day Kindergarten and 
I'm just not sure I'm ready for it. I'm going to savor the summer
 with her and enjoy all the time I can before my "littles" get big. 
Next Week.. She will be 5!

Here is our non-eventful week in Pictures...

I got my hair cut last weekend.
 It's a little shorter than I usually get.. But, it has really grown on me!
 I think I will keep it this short thru the summer. 

Look what a great Job Aubrey Rose does putting on her 
Barbie lipstick.. And her Bubby well good thing he's a boy!
 They both snuck off and got into the play make up.
 Instead of getting on to them I grabbed my camera. 
Now that's good parenting! 
I always try to choose my battles. :)

Swinging.. our favorite pastime

 They have so much fun together! 
{when they are not fighting}

Peace, Love, and Happiness!
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