Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adventures in My Blog Design

A few months ago I decided that the Glitter Blog needed its own look.. I seriously thought about it everyday trying to figure it out.  Obsessing possibly? I even bought a pre-made design on Etsy but it just wasn't exactly what I wanted.  The look of your blog is almost like your own face.. it is the very first impression that people get from you. I wanted something crisp and clean yet colorful and fun.

I played around and came up with a subway art design and loved it.. So I knew that I wanted to incorporate this into my blog.
Beyond this, I was not sure. I decided that I would start by making an inspiration board on Pinterest. From there, I found a picture of a ferris wheel with sparkles that I just loved and it became a starting point. 
{Art found here on Etsy}
I pinned and pinned some more. Finally, I discovered the colors that I loved so then I realized I wanted Running With Glitter to have a fun yummy candy feel. 
My inspiration board found here

YAY!  I was getting somewhere! When I was linking up my weekly DIY project. I looked at all the blog backgrounds that I had visited and found that my favorites were the ones that were just left white. 

I then searched Etsy for logos just to get more ideas. The ones I loved were in cute doodle frames so I searched doodle frame clip art and found one I really liked, which was commercially licensed. 

Next, I e-mailed that and all of my ideas and links to Cindy @ Blessed Design. She sent me a few samples and TADA! A blog design that is PERFECT for me. I know that she would have done a great job if I would have said surprise me...but honestly I'm just not a surprise me kind of girl. :) I like to think that my research really helped her too. One really good thing is that if I want to make a change or two she is just an e-mail away. 

In sharing this, my hope is that whether you are designing a blog or having one designed that maybe my adventures will help inspire you!

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