Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guest Sew Happiness- Boho Necklace Tutorial

I'm really excited this week to have Eleni from SewHappiness on the Glitter blog. I love her style and her blog is such a great read. She lives in Greece! How cool is that!  
Please welcome Eleni!

Hello lovely Running with Glitter readers :)

I am sew excited to be guest posting today on Kelly's super awesome blog!!! Actually, this is my first guest post ever, I'm so nervous!! My name is Eleni, I'm from Athens, Greece 

and I blog at SewHappiness, where I share my love for handmade things, sewing and quilting!!!

Today, I wanted to share with you something that doesn't involve sewing though!! I wanted something that anyone can make, doesn't require special skills, it's soooo inexpensive, and is perfect for summer days...

So, let's get started shall we?? :)
Supplies you'll need:
Waxed strings {your choice of colors} app. 1 meter each long {I used three for this tut}
Twine app. 1 meter long

Embroidery floss {your choice of color}
Some charms {your theme choice... mine was little fishes}    
Sea Shell charms

Step 1: thread two of your waxed strings with one shell charm. This will be the clipping of your necklace.
Step 2: Tie two knots, one before and one after the shell charm, to secure it in place. 
Step 3: Cut your excess waxed string just one cm before the shell charm. Melt it with the lighter, so it won't be sticking out and to secure the knot even more.
Steps 4-6: Now, take the rest of your waxed stings and the twine, and attach them with a knot on your necklace. Use your lighter again to melt the excess waxed string so it won't be sticking out and to secure it.

Step 7: thread one of your waxed strings with a shell charm and tie a knot to secure it. 
Steps 8-9 : It's time to attach the embroidery floss on the twine. Tie a double knot of your floss on the twine to secure it in place, cut off the excess floss, and start to wrap the floss around the twine.  Don't be tooo tidy with it!!! This is supposed to be fun, right?

This is how your twine should look like after being wrapped:

Steps 10-11 : Continue to thread charms and shell charms through your waxed strings and to secure them with knots. As your necklace is being formed, check on the mirror how long you want it to be. 

Step 12 : When you're pleased with the height of your necklace, start to braid your leftover strings.
Step 13 : Make a loop of your braided strings. 
Step 14 : Tie a double knot of your braided strings. 

This is how your necklace should look like!!

Final step : Cut the excess strings and use your lighter again to melt the wax of the strings and secure them in place. 

Aaaaaand tada!!!! Put your new handmade necklace on and show it off girls!!!!!!!

Doesn't it look awesome?? I love these necklaces, and I never take the off during summer!!! Hope you enjoyed my little tut, and that you'll be making yourselves a bazillion!!!! 

And, thanks again Kelly for having me here today!!! 

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