Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Eve Clue Scavenger Hunt

On Christmas Eve our Elf (Elfis) is going to fly back to the North Pole for his final report to Santa. When the kids tell him goodbye for the last time, our elf will have a special clue scavenger hunt game for them to play. At the end of the game there is a special gift that he has left behind for them. My husband will handwrite each of the clues on Official North Pole note cards and place them in envelopes. I will hide all the clues and then the fun begins.  
Elf on the Shelf Christmas Clue Eve Scavenger Hunt

Clue #1
Tonight I'm heading back to the North Pole. But before I go, a special present is yours to find. Jump up now! Move your behind! Yes it's the truth....You don’t have to go far. Just go to the place where we park our car.

Clue #2
Oh this game is so fun..Is it one of your wishes?....Just go look where Mom cleans the dirty dishes (this would be in sink)

Clue #3
Very good, moving right along....but to get the next clue you'll have to sing a fun Christmas song. How about a song about a reindeer? (after they sing hand them the next clue)

Clue #4
What a nice song....Run, run, run as fast as you can to the place where the laundry is done.

Clue #5
Now for a little rhyming fun...this clue will be harder...but it doesn't take a key or locks...I've hidden a clue in one of your _____ (socks) (this one I would plant the clue in a sock in their sock they have to dig)

Clue #6
Wow you're doing great! It's in the place where you keep your shoes. Please put them on to get ready for the next clue.

Clue #7
Hurry up now...don't move like a snail...outside you'll find your next clue where they leave the _______ (mail)

Clue #8
Are you having fun? Maybe upstairs or maybe down, the next one can be seen in the place where you get clean.

Clue #9
Twas the night before've searched all through the house. I hope my game is not getting too old. Go look in the place where it's really cold (the freezer. I end it in the freezer so they don't see the gift as they are clue hunting) Before I go I have to say.. I'm reporting to Santa you are on the good list to stay! Merry Christmas!

Have fun!!!! I can't wait until Christmas Eve to play this with my kids!
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